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'23 nov 30: Ways of Seeing
a biting, artistic criticism of publicity marketing, male & internal perceptions of women, and art as an owner-commodity in a hegemonic western world; it may misstep a tad for its time, but its ideas are still cogent
'23 nov 30: 10,000 gecs – 100 gecs
separated more in genre and in time compared to their first, and both more cohesive and dense for it; an alt rock & hyperpop rager that amalgamates 2000's rock themes into an energetic and engrossing 27 minutes
'23 nov 30: 1000 gecs – 100 gecs
already a polarizing classic, laura les and dylan brady's debut album of 23 minutes is as rebellious as it is disjointed; even if there are low points, its avant-garde and playfully hedonistic atmosphere is undeniable
'23 nov 28: The Milk-Eyed Mender – Joanna Newsom
though it may be recency bias in my discovering of her music, the whimsical, beautifully poetic and odd atmosphere that newsom provides on her debut is absurdly captivating and colorful; it is uniquely refreshing

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