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published — 31 july 2021 @ 3:34pm
edited – 10 august 2021 @ 12:42am
tier lists & rating scales

Ratings are hard.

This is going to be the main struggle of the publishing website, where I'll have unique reviews, ratings, and other such content relating to music, movies, television, games, and even youtube videos. I think it's almost certainly a worthwhile effort to go through and talk about what I thought of different things, but it's extremely difficult to accurately categorize what I feel about something with a scale of numbers.

see example: Anthony Fantano's review of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West

I won't be one to potently take apart Fantano's possibly incorrect view of the album, since he even has a follow-up review where he talks about the past album review, then proceeds to do it all over again.

But I think even then the rating is simply his opinion of the album, which is obviously his choice on what he enjoys to listen to — and how he personally perceives the quality of the production.

So it's difficult for me to reason how such to quantify any group of content on a scale that, by its nature, provides such little interpretation and meaning on its own. The main part that sticks out to me, being another thing relating to theneedledrop, is that despite MBDTF receiving a 6/10, Lil Pump's debut album got a 7/10. That is also incredibly difficult to think about meaningfully, and could serve as much more of a hurdle to me.

Because, I think irrespectively of any perceived notions of either album, the quality, meaning, and artistic skill seen in MBDTF far outclasses anything in Lil Pump's discography.

But that's the problem: no matter how much artistry is present in each album, if you appreciate and listen to each the same amount, and truly do enjoy them equally, it's extremely challenging to convey that and to show that in a rating. And I don't think there's an entirely sound solution to that issue.

I do genuinely think a point made by videogamedunkey in his video Game Critics at the 4:13 mark is quite good:

I play a lot of games, and on my scale, most of
this shit fucking sucks man, honestly
~ dunkey

I think his rating scale is a very useful tool, and serves essentially as what a tier list should be, or what traditional school-based grading systems are. Average things, at least to me, have an ere of contempt on rewatchability. They weren't a masterpiece or serious work of art worth continued appreciation, or a piece of garbage so profound you want to experience the twisted magic of it once more. So therefore expanding the range that the "average" category gets is extremely valuable. It differentiates more clearly the minute deviations between something you don't regret listening to, something you like and will be retained in your brain, and something you genuinely love. To me, it seems, those three in order are the equivalent of a two, three, and four on the scale. The simple fact that a piece of art will be retained in your thoughts, and will be looked back on, is plenty enough to denote its quality over something else you certainly liked in some aspects, but won't recall the second something more interesting appears in front of your eyes.

So basically, what I'm trying to say is...

MBDTF is a 3/5