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published — 13 august 2021 @ 11:11pm
fibonacci friday

Today is a weird day.

I have two days to go until uni starts for me, I'm living with someone I've never met before, first-year activities are exhausting and seemingly never-ending, my girlfriend is moving next week to somewhere 45 minutes from me now, and the pandemic is still... shaky around here, again. Life has been changing a lot recently.

And yet no one is talking about how it's Friday the 13th.

On top of that, it's Fibonacci Friday (in the U.S.): 8-13-21

A fibonacci sequence date, where I live, will not happen again (technically) until August 13th, 2134... 113 years from now.

That is insane to me. Because, while obviously this date is pretty meaningless, and it serves essentially no cultural significance anywhere outside of math circles...

This date – this kind of specific, mind-numbingly boring day – will never again come in billions of peoples' lives, and most likely not mine. And that part, to me is fascinating. Certain cellestial events are the same way: so little attention, and so little knowledge that if you miss it, you will never, ever see this one thing again in your lifetime.

There's not even been a mention of Friday the 13th. Although I didn't know it until I looked at my phone a little too much.

So maybe I'm just as bad (or normal, but what's that mean? later discussion).