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published — 16 october 2021 @ 8:58pm
since twelve years ago

It is now a recurring theme here now, talking of how time can warp your perception of how long ago certain events were... but thinking of 2009 as twelve years ago is, I think, now the best way to encapsulate that feeling. Of course the early 90's are now further away than 2050, which is very close to the same level of creepy feeling, but no matter for the time being.

2009 was a weird time in all honestly. I was only five for most of that year, so I can't say much– but still:

Mostly good, especially that last one – but it feels so long ago. Life is so different to how it was then – more sinister, rotten; it's exceedingly hard to figure how we got on this path in particular.


Maybe this is just because I've been growing up and realizing our human condition better than when I was six. It's surprising, I know.

But I can't help but shake the fact that something core to the human experience has been altered since that time. I'm just not sure what.

All I know, is the wise words of a modern day philosopher, a gentleman and sincere popular icon, seen here– twelve years ago to the day:

And knowing that, I am happy. At least for a bit.