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published — 9 november 2021 @ 11:11am
on breakfast food

Longer seen than the debates in the United States over politics, and infinitely more important in one's life, is the ongoing argument over whether breakfast really is the best and/or most important meal of the day. It has split families, destroyed households, and has led to the leading cause of death in America: heart disease.

So I think it would be valuable to lay out the most appealing looking meals for each major of the three human meals, ignoring second breakfast, elevenses, afternoon tea, and supper.

Here they are:

I think we can all agree— we are now hungry.

But also, even though it can be very, very good, lunch is the clear loser here. A great dinner and a great breakfast are so much more enjoyable than a great lunch (especially in America where lunch is just burger time).

A more important conclusion though, is that dinner can be an incredibly diverse meal, and there's so many options. Spaghetti, steak, pork, potatoes, salad, fish, sushi, rice, stir fry, even more noodles, etc.— on and on. It's by far the most creative meal, with a virtually infinite level of variation in even just the way you cook it, outside of whatever ingredients you put together.

So I think just for that reason, dinner is the winner, hands down. But I will never not appreciate french toast.

But importantly:

Pancakes will always be mid, but have so little variation that they are consistently reliable. Waffles can be pretty good or not that good, and french toast can either be heaven or hell.