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published — 1 december 2021 @ 11:59pm
reanalysis and moving out

It might be a little late, since a good amount of money has been poured into the project, but I think I no longer find it useful at this time to have that second website.

The idea was great to me in concept: to separate out the more serious topics of full writing pieces, from that website where I simply host everything I do (including whatever this is). But it simply doesn't make sense to me anymore.

Of course I'm still interested in making those essays and articles, but the money spent hosting on an entirely different domain, along with an entire service that manages how I design the website—Ghost, in this case—is overkill to me.

Just starting out making a sort of presence on a webpage has shown me that I really don't need some masterfully crafted set-up before I have anything to show for it; I need to do what I like and just see if it sticks. That seems to be the way I'll do things going forward. For now there's still going to be pitaparrot on a separate webpage, which will still be linked on my homepage. But some time later this month it'll re-route you to a redesigned page with redesigned content, and that domain will no longer be within my hands.