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published — 1 january 2022 @ 3:38pm
now, what is there to do?

As a preface, since this is the most visible section of this post: please, if you know web design, please tell me why the mobile version of this website is so small. I mean it fits the name, but I would like it to be more optimized for phone screens. Zooming in constantly just to see the page is the best way to keep people from looking at your stuff on a phone. And it's not like the desktop view is bad, it's perfect for what I want it to be. I just can't figure out why the mobile version doesn't expand because of the smaller screen (even though the desktop version shrinks perfectly fine).

Anyways, since I've managed to finally begin a series in which I have to do things regularly (being the album-a-day series, of course), I think I may be on track to find out what really is left to do.

This post doesn't have much purpose in all honesty, I just wanted to share that I've finally worked out a sort of plan— and that this website stuff might finally be getting put to good use :)