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published — 17 january 2022 @ 6:00am

I cannot conceptualize—or fully understand and know—the involved and heart-aching strife dealt with by those who choose to bear the torch in leading our socities into greater, more deserving eras; certainly not when bound to the future of our humanity. And yet this commentary, that luxuriates in the languish and pain of one's brethren, and that which excels in its connection through brutal honesty and emotion, it is pure; it cannot possibly be unsettled, transgressed in antiquity.

I wish for a time when these pioneers, hopeful as they are graced with the vigor of a thousand men and women, aren't simply cast aside, brutalized, and bastardized by this obelisk they wish to conquer. But I solace in knowing that, through the trials they set themselves through towards the journey of our greater ambition, that this monument to the established and derelict subsides, and pities. And for that moment, we shall celebrate.