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published — 31 january 2022 @ 9:58pm
mr. staples

This is another lull sort of week; I don't have much going on, my brain isn't on a high streak at the moment, and I have no serious or time-specific topics to share. I'm in the middle of altering how I post things online, so that might be why.

In the spirit of that attitude then, I'd like to share an artist I'm obsessing over right now: Vince Staples.

I'm not sure where I saw it anymore, but somewhere in a discussion thread on reddit, I read a comment claiming that Kendrick would be one of the best rappers in the game right now– even if his only appearance was on Yeah Right by Vince Staples. So I listened to it, not having heard it before.

And I absolutely agree.

Additionally, through that track, I discovered that SOPHIE—one of the producers—has much more of a wide-reaching influence than I initially knew. And despite the fact that she is no longer around, I'm glad I took the time to look into what she did while she was here; it's much more adventurous, compelling, and genre-bending than I could've ever expected.

But I digress: in the spirit of fawning over Vince, here's his tiny desk from NPR music, posted on 23 july 2021. I couldn't directly embed it, so here it is raw encoded; hope you enjoy it, bc I know I did :)