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published — 14 february 2022 @ 11:17pm
the super bowl

Never have I consciously paid more attention to the annual game of high-budget tag as I have this year... which I guess is explainable primarily due to the fact that a team that calls my city its home happened to be in that game. Of course, we sort of know what ended up happening, and I am displeased. But given the fact that the Bengals have only been there three total times, and our main guy was sacked the third most times in a season ever... it's hugely impressive. Every single game up to that point was the super bowl for us (well, except for maybe the game against the Raiders).

But I digress; it was a surprisingly interesting look into the fact that, while I'm still mainly knowledgeable in just the NHL, it's very easy to tell when the officiating isn't ideal. And I make the argument for both sides in that scenario: our touchdown shouldn't have counted because of the facemask grab, and there shouldn't have been three flags and seven(ish) down attempts within ten yards of our endzone at the very end. My opinions can be summarized pretty well with this:

It was a monumental time for the little city with seven hills in the corner of a patchwork state; the people certainly didn't ignore the increased attention it was getting. It was a lovely time having a bit more national attention, at the tail end of an era I eagerly hopes recovers and fizzles out soon. Maybe that super bowl win would've ended the cycle that Harambe's death caused, but I guess we'll never know...

at least the half-time show was pretty good, thank you mr dre ^

And it was a very good valentine's weekend ;)

And I got the diamond operation coin for CS:GO, so I think that's the true victory here :)