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published — 4 april 2022 @ 9:59pm
waterfall of work

I wish I had a bit more time to put together a cohesive sort of message for a post of this nature, especially after what has been (I think) the longest break in posting I've had in a while. But at the very least, I think this will do.

I find it continuously interesting to reconcile and conceptualize the amount of work that I would both like to accomplish and what I have planned out in the future; there's just so, so much to do with so little time on my hands. I mainly came to think about this in detail with the increased workload from the nearing end of my second semester of university stuff, but this has been an ongoing thing for me since maybe 2015; I'm not new to this adventure.

A lot of my worries, thoughts, and ideas revolved around that of setting due dates, plans for what my "online persona" would be when all the stars align... I largely abandoned that mindset after its peak in 2017, going into 2018. Most of that I think had to do with a bit of an unfortunate negative outlook on my current situation at the time, family matters, and the fact that high school was a lot different than the previous half-year of online grade school (different story). I think a bit of that has come back ever since the pandemic started almost two years ago now; it gave me the opportunity to keep looking at what I wanted to do with my life, and especially what I wanted to accomplish creatively. I won't say it ever worked out, because it never did.

But a lot of my workflow now, from organizing my thoughts in Ulysses, setting constant due dates in Things 3, and just generally being more organized, driven, and—in all fairness—richer than I was when I was just a kid, have all culminated in something of a sea change. I think I'm approaching something good; there's a lot that I have planned to do creatively, from animation and video production & editing, to website work, writing, review content, music, and most importantly:

gaming :)

Also, just have to say: while I hated the mod power and advertiser-loving intentions of it, I have to be honest... r/place this year was better than it was in 2017. I vividly remember being at a cyclones game placing a pixel not knowing what was happening; I think that was most people back then. This year felt like a refinement, and a huge amount of growth took place in the space. The void contemporary art piece, the bear in the german flag, and of course fat kirby in the super smash bros forest were highlights for me that stick out more than the confusing chaos of 2017. Both were great in their own nature, but the memorability of this new one I think will transcend the old :)

and for your convenience, here's a high quality final scan before the white void at the end: