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published — 19 june 2022 @ 1:11pm
scheduling & morality

I have come across and encountered (yet again) a conundrum that deeply impacts the work I do here, and in any online field—whether that be this website, music, video content, etc. And it is that I have no idea how to schedule anything, and that it is virtually impossible to set a due date for something you're unaware the full scope of.

What I mean specifically is that I don't know the amount of work required, along with the full picture for projects I otherwise want to complete... and so, in turn, it's incredibly hard to schedule, set deadlines, and make sure I'm doing what is necessary in a timely methodology.

Something that I have thought of, but am unsure how to develop further, is crafting a system where I plan individual aspects; plan what I already know, and therefore I can account for any hiccups in whatever production is needed. But I encounter another problem at this junction: the morality of procrastination.

Staying actively motivated is incredibly difficult, especially when there's nothing else to distract. University is the sort of distraction that I feel is the biggest blockade to my creative freedoms during that time of the year. But when it gets put on hold during breaks... everything feels lifted, and in a way the busy schedule was what was pushing me to stay motivated and pursue more goals in (currently) side projects such as this.

So while this time would otherwise be useful, and a period of incredible stability in my creative ventures... it can feel even more hopeless than it did before.

glad colorado had a fun touchdown and 1pt conversion last night tho ;)