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published — 11 july 2022 @ 7:47pm
music files & stockpiles

Despite it being a relatively niche and narrow topic of interest/concern for many, something that has been on my mind a lot recently—certainly after developing a habit of time tracking, which in itself is a daunting task to discuss—has been the sheer amount of time I spend downloading, sorting, and, in a picturesque sort of way, alluring myself to stay as invested as ever in numerous subgenres and communities regarding music.

It doesn't seem like a big problem to have, and in a way that's what I had in the front of my mind for a long while up until recently. But due to both that advent of tracking where and when I spend my time—and some discussions around a certain fireplace—I've had some intrusive yet valuable thoughts relating to that process and what it means for me.

Because, if I haven't already made it abundantly clear though constant nods to it in past posts (both here and on some socials), I use and consume most of my auditory media through a custom iPod Video, originally from my dad in 2005, in which I've replaced a few key internals like the battery, storage, and display. Whether this was more inconvenient or time-consuming is something I leave for the reader; I do not have to tell you that it took a bit of work both to set-up and manage.

The main reason I even considered such a prospect, to use a comparitively ancient piece of technology far outside its warranty, stems from my discovery of a youtube channel called DankPods. While I've continued to watch and like his more recent content, seeing those earlier videos at the start of the pandemic were instrumental in me digging up and fixing that old iPod.

And so, from that moment on, I think I've been stuck in this sort of loop, one in which I constantly work to expand and grow my music library in iTunes for that iPod—not because I will ever listen to all ~4400 albums that are already there, or the upcoming 200 or so I plan to add right in time for Joey Bada$$'s 2000—but simply because the idea of archiving, collecting, and appreciating any sort of artistry I come across is incredibly appealing to me. I've even planned to purchase a half-thousand dollar custom iPod classic (6th/7th generation) from Elite Obsolete Electronics; my current model is memory limited, and can't store the whole library all at once. Which oddly enough, is something I'd really like to be able to do.

This may seem like rambling... and it is.

But honestly, this just serves as a kind of opening of sorts, an introduction to what goes on behind one of my favorite hobbies. This sort of thing pours over into the non-digital too; after a generous and very kind visit to my grandmother's house, and repeated trips to a few record stores around Cincinnati, I've amassed a growing collection of cassettes, vinyl records, and just one CD (I'm getting there, trust me, I just have a really expensive disc player in mind).

It's really just a sort of unloading, and a way to peel the curtain back just a bit, for both me and anyone interested, about how much time this very obtuse hobby gets in my freetime. In fact, I split up work on this post just to sort those two hundred something albums I've displayed interest in, and when I want to go about putting in the work to download and sort all of them into iTunes.

But this whole topic, not just including the scope of music specifically, is something that requires a bit more focus. I'll leave that for the very near future.

Happy 7/11 everyone :)