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published — 22 august 2022 @ 10:10am
year two

If this post accomplishes anything, it will be profound; I will have initiated a streak of better consistency, increased drive, accompanied by an actual mental shift in how I strive to work online. If not... well, I guess this will be a good footnote.

Because in all honesty, this is primarily a minor update—yet it shares space with my own moving to a new apartment and the first day of second-year university. It's been hectic and gracious in the same breath, leaving a comfortable—if not slightly homesick—feeling in its wake. It's a much better space than initially expected, and per design of studio apartments in general, absolutely phenomenal. The bed is around two corners, the bathroom is huge; it feels like a compact house in full. Even if I do wish it actually connected to the other units, I don't think I'll mind having a space solely to me... especially when the campus is a five minute walk down the street right outside my front door.

All my hopes are a bit contained for now though, and my only true ask is that a similar sense of increased productivity (with a bit of a need for it because of school) comes back around after its loss this summer. But I guess me even doing this is a slight incline to ease back into it (or something close to it)...

so I'll tentatively hold my breath :)

although I guess I've started coding the redesign too, so maybe it's started a bit earlier...